How To Tutorials
How To Tutorials
How To Tutorials

How To Tutorials

Yarniversity on YouTube
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A collection of tutorial videos we have hosted on our YouTube Channel. Just click on the video to watch! 

How to Wind a Centre Pull Ball

Cynthia will show you how to wind a centre pull ball. You can do it!

Stranded Colourwork in the Round

Cynthia demonstrates how to read a chart and work stranded colourwork in the round (using two hands). The project is our Epic Christmas Stocking but the techniques apply to any "in the round" design.

How to Block a Shawl

Cynthia and Diane block a shawl, from washing to drying with blocking wires and pins in between! This shawl is a sample of our Hot Shawl, pattern design by Holli Yeoh.

How to Felt and Shape your Knit/Crochet projects

In this video, Barb and Cynthia demonstrate the final step: felting and shaping, a project. We're making our Fuzzy Foot Socks in this video but the tips extend to other projects that are knitted or crocheted and then felted using a washing machine.

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