Repair Tutorials

Repair Tutorials

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A collection of tutorial videos we have hosted on our YouTube Channel. Just click on the video to watch! 

An Afterthought Pocket

Introducing the afterthought pocket. The sweater featured in this video is “Gramps”, designed by Emily Wessel and Alexa Ludeman (aka Tin Can Knits) and available in their book, “9 Months of Knitting” or as a single pattern on Ravelry. Cynthia knit the 1-2 year size.

Repair with Duplicate Stitch

While this video focuses on repairing a sock, the technique can be used on any worn thin area of your knitted projects.

Fixing a Hole with a Knitted Patch

In this video, Cynthia demonstrates how to create a knitted patch for a hole in your knitting. This is her favourite method of darning socks when the fabric of the knitting has worn through. If you'd like to try this method, you'll need a set of double pointed needles (just two) in a size smaller than the ones used to knit the sock, a wool needle, and a pair of scissors. Oh, and something with a hole in it!

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