All three colourways together
Three colourways together
Three skeins of Frazzle Ice
A single skein of Frazzle Ice
Three skeins of Blue Ice
Single skein of Blue Ice
3 skeins of Azure Blue Brilliant
Single skein of Azure Blue Brilliant

Yarnicorn: Snowflakes

Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze
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What is a Yarnicorn? Well, it’s a mystical and wonderfully unique yarn that you simply can’t find anywhere else. It’s crafted by one-of-a-kind dye artists, often local. And once it’s gone, it’s gone. 2022 will be the last year of the Flash Mob series and every month during 2022, on the 20th day at 6:00 PM Mountain Time, you will be able to order on our website, a one of a kind, unique and special Yarnicorn colourway to cherish.  

Unicorns are said to have healing powers. Well, the Yarnicorn will contribute to the aid of local citizens. Each month, a portion of sales will go towards a different Charity or organization. And in each month of 2022, Barb and Cynthia will use one skein of Yarnicorn to make a square for a "Memories" blanket that they will auction off for charity at the end of 2022.  

The Yarnicorn colourway theme for May is called "Snowflakes" and our dye artist is Rhichard Devrieze. Using their Thede base (80% Merino wool, 20% Nylon), Rhichard and partner, Robert, have created three icy colourways: "Frazzle Ice", "Azure Blue Brilliant" and "Blue Ice". These colourways are limited edition, one of a kind, just like "Snowflakes" and each colour is available for purchase on its own. 

Thede Specifications:

Ball Weight: 110 g / 3.88 oz
Ball Length: 360 m / 400 yds
Knitting Gauge: 26 - 30 sts = 10cm / 4"
Needle Size: 3.0mm - 3.5mm (US 2.5 - 4)
Yarn Fibre: 80% Merino, 20% Nylon

Care Instructions: Hand wash, lay flat to dry.

Pattern Suggestion: 

Purchase a skein (or more) of Yarnicorn each month and use it to create whatever your heart desires and/or join Barb and Cynthia in making The Yarnicorn Memories Blanket, a "modular" (join as you go) blanket inspired by our Gramma Tutton, who made lap blankets for all of her grandchildren, in this very way. As you cuddle under your blanket, you can remember all the projects you made! Download the free pattern here

Charitable Donations: 

$2 from the sale of every skein of Yarnicorn this month will go to Edmonton based, Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS). They provide immediate and low-barrier 24/7 shelter, a drop-in resource centre, temporary supportive housing, temporary independent cohort housing, and individualized wrap-around supports for young people aged 15–24. If you would like to donate or find out more about this Charitable organization, click here. 

A message from the dyer about this yarn: 

Azure Blue Brilliant, Blue Ice and Frazzle Ice, in May?  

"Yes, certainly! This is Canada and we Canadians celebrate our temperature anomalies with Canadian humour! We even apologize to visitors for our weather, but, deep down, we love our multi-faceted uniqueness. So here’s to that!"

"I was thinking of that stunning, cloudless sky and that joy that brings to us spirits and the spirit of place. I was thinking about a May-chilling morning when that thin frozen layer on still-water parts of the creek so beautifully reflect that sky and the morning sun just dazzles it. And I was thinking of those few underwater parts of the stream where conditions are just right for the creation of this unique form of frozen water that’s gorgeous for us to see, but a terrible threat to the gills of fish species that make the stream their home. But, in May, all of this is fleeting. A reminder of past, present and future. In a single moment of appreciation. Of the senses. Of abilities. Of the imagination."

Note about hand painted yarns: These skeins are dyed by hand and may vary in colour and/or intensity from skein to skein, even within the same dye lot. Colours viewed on different monitors may have shade and tone differences from the actual product.