Yarn bowl in Green and Amber
Yarn bowl in Purple and Teal Blue
Yarn bowl in teal Blue and Green
Yarn bowl in Deep Amber and Green
Yarn bowl in Light Amber and Green
Yarn bowl in Teal Blue and Amber
Back side of a Coldstream Pottery Yarn Bowl

Yarn Bowl

Coldstream Pottery
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Coldstream Pottery is a family pottery business run by Dorothy and Garry Allen, in Penticton, British Columbia.  Garry, is a master potter, with over 40 years of experience, with clay and glazes and kilns.  Dorothy, among many other things, is the salesperson for Coldstream, and our contact for beautiful yarn bowls. Dorothy and Garry attend numerous art and craft shows throughout the year and sell all sorts of pottery vessels.  They have a Facebook page - just search for Coldstream Pottery.    

Garry makes amazingly beautiful yarn bowls...many, many yarn bowls....In fact, he says he never imagined that one of his top selling pots would be a yarn bowl, but he has done a bowl like no other!  Garry's research led him to design the most "functional" yarn bowl, not too big, not too small, with a yarn guide that is extremely smooth (no snags!). A bowl with good bottom weight so it doesn't slip and slide, available in beautifully glazed colours and last but not least, affordable.  We have carried Coldstream bowls for many years and we feel Garry's yarn bowls are simply the best! We know that you will love them too!