The Knit Kit 2.0: Feelin' Bubbly
The Knit Kit 2.0: Flamingle! Teal
The Knit Kit 2.0: Flamingle! Red
The Knit Kit 2.0: Tie Dye
The Knit Kit 2.0: Original Teal and White

The Knit Kit 2.0

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The NEW Knit Kit 2.0 for the Modern Maker. 

The Knit Kit is not only the most effective tool in your knitting bag, but it saves your time making you more productive. 

Time is priceless, why waste it?

The NEW Knit Kit 2.0 is equipped with the 10 most essential knitting accessories needed to accompany a set of needles and yarn in your project bag.


  • NEW expanded 3-digit row counter (Hello 100's!) with Magnified Numbers
  • Retracting 5ft. tape measure
  • Double Ended Crochet Hook
  • Thread cutter
  • NEW variegated Cable Needle.


  • NEW expanded Needle Gauge to US19/15MM
  • Coordinating Crochet Hook Gauge
  • NEW larger back compartment contains:
    • Folding TSA Compliant Scissors
    • Large Round Stitch Markers
    • Small Round Stitch Markers
    • Locking Stitch Markers
    • Point Protectors
    • Darning Needle

NEW! Now available with new fun graphics.  Choose your favourites!