Rowan Shine Swarovski Beads: 5-8 mm Silver Selection, 126 beads
Rowan Shine Swarovski Beads: 7.5 - 16 mm Black Pearl Selection, 17 beads
Rowan Shine Swarovski Beads: 8-12 mm Gold Selection, 35 beads
Rowan Shine Swarovski Beads: 8-12 mm Petrol Selection, 35 beads
Rowan Shine Swarovski Beads: 10-16 mm iridescent Selection, 14 beads
Racing Raindrops scarf by Churchmouse Yarns
Hebe Necklace by Rowan
Athena Necklace by Rowan
Thalia Necklace by Rowan

Rowan Shine Swarovski Beads

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Add some sparkle to your project with these Rowan Shine Swarovski Bead packs.  

Options listed as a range (e.g. 8-12mm) contain a variety of sizes within that range.

8mm Light Colorado Topaz: 25 beads
5-8mm Silk Selection: 126 beads
5-8mm Silver Selection: 126 beads
7.5-16mm Amethyst Selection: 17 beads
7.5-16mm Black Pearl Selection: 17 beads
8-12mm Gold Selection: 35 beads
8-12mm Petrol Selection: 35 beads
10-16mm Crystal Selection: 14 beads
10-16mm Iridescent Selection: 14 beads

Whether you want to embellish your knitting, sewing or crochet projects or make beautiful jewelry, you will love the quality of these beautiful Swarovski crystals and beads. You’ll find patterns below for accessories that are simply stunning.

Pattern suggestions:
- Churchmouse Racing Raindrops Scarf
- Rowan Hebe Necklace
- Rowan Athena Necklace
- Rowan Thalia Necklace