A Mauve Sunset Newborn Hat
Cutest Booties
Cutest Booties
A Snowflake Sunrise Newborn Hat
Ready Made for Baby

Ready Made for Baby

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Sample Sale!

Every now and then, we go through our in-store samples to find hand knit and crocheted projects that we no longer need for display.  It might be a yarn that we're no longer stocking or a colour that we just can't get any longer. Each of these items have been hand made by skilled members of our community who are paid to knit and crochet. Pretty great job, heh?  

If you’re looking for unique hand made items, made with hours and hours of love, check out all of the hats, shawls, cowls and even sweaters - one of a kind items that are ready to go! They are a final sale item, so read the details carefully before putting one (or more) in your cart.

Sample Sale items for Baby, include garments, accessories and toys:

Cutest Booties: keep the toes of the little one in your life warm with these adorable baby booties. They have little eyelets along the top of the ankle so that a ribbon can be drawn through them and then they will stay on better. These were made using the pattern Cutest Booties by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and the yarn Hikoo Cobasi Multi (55% cotton, 21% elastic nylon, 16% bamboo, 8% silk). Size: newborn - 3 months. Care instructions: Machine wash gentle with cold water, lay flat to dry.

Mauve Sunset Newborn Hat: Let purple hues and a little decorative loop liven up Baby's winter outfit. This was a workshop sample that was knit without a pattern. It was knit using Classic Elite Yarns Liberty Wool (100% superwash wool). Size: Newborn. Care Instructions: Machine wash gentle, lay flat to dry.

Octopod Trio: pick up a set of three colourful, crocheted, Octopus toys made with Rowan Handknit Cotton. These toys are designed for the smallest of babies as all features are sewn on (no plastic parts) and the curly tentacles are endlessly entertaining for small fingers. Care instructions: machine wash on gentle cycle. Air dry in a spot with good ventilation to ensure that head is completely dry inside after laundering.

Snowflake Sunrise Newborn Hat: This little hat is an adorable way to keep the little one in your life warm. It was a workshop sample that was knit without a pattern. It was knit using Rowan Colourscapes (100% wool). Size: Newborn. Care Instructions: Hand wash, lay flat to dry.