Pop Up Shop (Inside) at RCY

Pop Up Shop (Inside) at RCY

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We're looking forward to having you come to River City Yarns for some in-person shopping and we've invited some special guests to join us! Check the schedule below to see who's coming and to RSVP. We also have video clips with each of our guests, in case you missed out!

This fall, on Saturdays from 12 - 4 pm, we've been hosting some amazing dye artists, local makers, and friends. If you missed out, don't despair. Here's the lineup and a short video clip of what they brought and how to find them again, online.  

Previous Guests:

August 6th - Smiling Sheep / Lisa and Becky Tomaszewski

Smiling Sheep Fine Yarns is an artisan hand-dyed yarn company based in Leduc, Alberta, that caters to the obsessions of the discerning knitter. 

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August 13th - Hedgepig Pottery / Angela Sameit-Jones 

Angela from Hedgepig Pottery says, "My desire is to design and make useful and pretty pieces for every budget. Armed with a quirky imagination, I am inspired by nature, fantasy and fairytales, as well as pop-culture." 

August 13 - Neatnik Yarns / Angela Ashton

Neatnik Yarns are anything but ordinary! What started in 2018 as a hand dyed yarn business catering to knitters and crocheters, and focusing on big and bold yarns and colourways, has evolved to reflect Angela's many fibre adventures! 

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August 20th - Ancient Arts / Caroline Sommerfeld

Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts is an artisan hand dye company drawing our inspirations from nature, art, and our love of stories. We use only premium bases ethically sourced, ethically milled, and spun exclusively for us. 

You can connect with Ancient Arts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter also.

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August 27th - Over the Moon Yarns / Caitlin & Sarina

Inspired by the Universe and all the expanding, changing life forms within its reach. Sarina and Caitlin from Over the Moon Yarns, hand dye yarn in small batches.

August 27th - BrickBubble / Diane Fillinger 

Obsessed with art from a very young age, Diane always knew that she wanted a career that provided her with a creative outlet. BrickBubble is an art based venture which allowed Diane to indulge her creative side by making tangible products that express her unique design sense. 

You can also find Diane on Instagram @brickbubble.

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September 24 - Comfy Cozy Knits / Ashley McKeever

Comfy Cozy Knits began in 2014 when Ashley wanted to sell her hand knit items and self-published knitting patterns. Three years later, she added hand-dyed yarns to business. And in 2019, Ashley made her part-time business her full-time occupation and we're pleased to be able to share another local entrepreneur with you.


You can find Ashley's hand-dyed yarns as well as other indispensable items on her online store: www.comfycozyknits.com and on Instagram as @comfycozyknits.

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September 24 - Anurain Design / KerrI Meier

Kerri from Anurain Design has been making metal and stone goods for the fiber and handmade communities for nearly 10 years. And now she is saying goodbye to this chapter and beginning a new one! So please come by and shop one of her last in person pop-ups.

Please contact Kerri via her Instagram page: anuraindesign if you would like something custom made to be brought for pickup. You can also find Kerri / Anurain on Etsy and Facebook.

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October 15 - Rose Hill Yarns / Robin Joliffe

"Necessity is the mother of invention. Ok, maybe not necessity but defiantly must have. I love love love knitting. As a knitter my eyes always went to bright vibrant colours. In a long dreary winter, I love dressing the kids in bright winter knits. It makes them easier to pick them out on the ski hill. I began to hand dye yarn for personal use."

Shop Rose Hill Yarns' online store at rosehillyarns.com.

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October 29 - Gingersnap / Kim and Colin

Gingersnap is a husband and wife team from Calgary, Alberta who love adding colour to the world. "Our work involves our need for a creative outlet. Since a young age we have both had a interest in art and design and Gingersnap gives us opportunity to express just that! We enjoy working in different mediums as the outcome is never the same, and with that the creativity pours. We strive to source most of our supplies within Canada but that proves to be a challenge as of late. We will however continue to research with regards to this matter. The joy our items bring to others is what makes Gingersnap so special to us, and we are teaching our grandchildren our trade in hopes that one day they will continue on if that’s what they desire."

You can find Kim and Colin on Etsy, Instagram and Facebook

October 29 - JJ Wool Company / Jenn and Jan

JJ Wool Company is Jenn Mikula and Jan Wallace. "We are a couple of friends who spend our days sewing in Bonnie Doon. Since 2013, we have been gathering sweaters, scarves, wool suits, and blankets that have been tossed aside at the thrift stores, giving them new life by transforming them into something beautiful. Our products range from skirts and sweater mittens to blankets and project bags. There are market totes, zippered pouches, cashmere ponchos. New this year are key chains, backpacks, and sling bags. Our inspiration comes from the stunning wool fabrics we pick up in the second-hand shops. With sustainability as our main goal, we try to reuse every part of the garment. Buttons, zippers, cuffs, labels, and fringes are all preserved and then reused in some way. We’ve even used souvenir tea towels as lining in some of our bags or taken zippers from a sweater to close the top of a pouch. We have a real knack for reusing existing material in new ways thereby reducing textile waste and over production. We started with sweater mittens to raise funds for a charity cycling event and continue to support local children’s charities. We are enthusiastic supporters of Edmonton and promote an active outdoor lifestyle in our beautiful city."

Jan and Jenn plan to bring an assortment of upcycled products with them, including: back packs, assorted sizes of zip cases, project bags, totes, mittens, ponchos, blankets and keychains.

You can also find Jenn and Jan on Facebook, and Instagram. Shop their website at jjwool.ca

For the safety of our customers, guests and staff, we ask that you:

  • wear a mask into the shop
  • use the hand sanitizer at the door before handling the lovely products on display for you
  • don't attend if you have any cold or flu symptoms. Please make an order in advance (from our special guest and/or from RCY) and take advantage of our curbside pickup option.
  • wait patiently if the door is locked (that means we're waiting for the crowd to thin a little before bringing you inside).
  • bring a bag (or two) along with you
  • we welcome walkers and mobility aids but respectfully request that strollers (and family members who are not shopping) remain at home / in your vehicle.

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