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Clover Point Protectors Jumbo Small
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Clover Point Protectors

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Point protectors are knitting needle caps to prevent knitted stitches from falling off. These ones are designed for straight or double pointed knitting needles. If you are looking for circular needle point protectors, they can be found here.

Point Protectors Petit: Set of four pink point protectors for knitting needle sizes 2.0-6.5mm (US 0 - 10.5). 

Point Protectors (Jumbo Small): Set of four orange point protectors for knitting needles, size 8.0 - 10.0 mm (No. 11 - 15 US).

Point Protectors (Jumbo Large): Set of two blue point protectors for knitting needles size 12.75 - 15.00 mm (No. 17 - 19 US).