Milli Colori Zickzack Scarf Kit: Option A
Milli Colori Zickzack Scarf Kit: Option B
Milli Colori Zickzack Scarf: Option A
Milli Colori Zickzack Scarf: Option B
Lang Mille Colori Colour Pack Kits

Lang Mille Colori Colour Pack Kits

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For Knitters: The Zickzack Scarf has been one of the most popular projects among knitters, and with great reason! It's a simple pattern that's easy to memorize, and produces fantastic results! Using just 4 balls of Lang Mille Colori Baby in two different colours for stripes, these scarves turn out beautifully. You will need size US 2½ - 3.0 mm knitting needles. Finished scarf size is approximately 0.23 x 1.60 m (9 x 63 inches). 

Pattern available for free on Ravelry: ZickZack Scarf by Christy Kamm

For Crocheters: Everyone loves granny squares, and this blanket makes the most of all the fun colours in each ball of Mille Colori Baby! For this blanket you will need 8 balls of Mille Colori Baby - we recommend getting two kits - choose two of Option A or B or mix it up with one of A and one of B, for a colourful palette to play with.  Finished blanket size is 53cm x 82cm (20.75" x 32.25") You will also need a 2.5mm crochet hook. 

Pattern is free with your purchase of two colour pack kits, or available for purchase on Ravelry. 


Option A Contains: 2 balls each of Colours 51 & 52 (Pinks & Turquoise Mix)

Option B Contains: 2 balls each of Colours 16 & 33 (Blues & Greens Mix)

Ball Weight: 50 g / 1.75 oz
Ball Length: 190 m / 208 yds
Knitting Gauge: 27 sts = 10cm / 4"
Needle Size: 3.00 - 3.50mm (US 2.5 - 4)
Yarn Fibre: 100% superwash Merino

Care Instructions: Machine wash, gentle. Lay flat to dry.


Note about yarns from our website: Photographs aren't perfect; they don't capture the texture and feel of the yarn. Colours viewed on different monitors may have shade and tone differences from the actual product. If you would like assistance with selecting a colour or an opinion/advice on finding a good yarn for your project, please feel free to give us a call.