LK-150 Silver Reed Hobby Knitting Machine
LK-150 Silver Reed Hobby Knitting Machine
LK-150 Silver Reed Hobby Knitting Machine
LK-150 Silver Reed Hobby Knitting Machine
LK-150 Silver Reed Hobby Knitting Machine
LK-150 Silver Reed Hobby Knitting Machine
LK-150 Silver Reed Hobby Knitting Machine
LK-150 Silver Reed Hobby Knitting Machine
LK-150 Silver Reed Hobby Knitting Machine
LK-150 Silver Reed Hobby Knitting Machine

LK-150 Silver Reed Hobby Knitting Machine

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Welcome to the year of Stash Diving!

2022 at River City Yarns is all about using up some of the precious fibres and stashes we've accumulated. So here's a handy tool to help you knit thru your stash just a little bit quicker.

Barb has been a fan of machine knitting for years, and has bought and sold several machines (including a large metal bed machine with ribber), but always comes back to her first machine, the LK-150 to sample new yarns and make swatches, for i-cord and trims, and for quickly making larger stockinette projects, like the Easy Folded Poncho.

In our opinion, machine knitting complements hand knitting and we're excited to be able to offer the LK-150 to our customers. Light weight and portable, the LK-150 Silver Reed offers a quick and easy way to create any width of flat knit fabric on it's 150 needle bed.

It operates manually, by you sliding a carriage back and forth over the needles. Patterns like stripes, slip stitches, fair isle and tuck stitches are easy to do and you can manipulate stitches to create cables, do shaping with increases and decreases, and even transfer your hand knitting onto the machine or vice versa; machine knit and finish by hand.

This hobby machine is just that. If you intend to get into production or commercial knitting, let us know and we will refer you to our distributor for a wider range of machine choices.


Yarns: The LK-150 is the machine that knits the greatest range of yarn from fingering all the way to bulky. It excels with quality, pliable yarns and natural fibres in sport, DK and 4ply worsted weights. Sort your stash and avoid any yarns that are not pliable as that can cause stress on the carriages.


  • compact and lightweight, you can use this mid-gauge knitting machine in the smallest of spaces and carry and store it easily
  • The dual tension yarn feed regulates tension and reduces slack
  • The sponge bar holds the needles in position
  • Stitch Types: Stockinette, tuck, slip, plating and fair isle (slip stitch - one yarn feeder only)
  • Yarn:  Fine to Chunky Yarn
  • Needle Selection: Manual


  • Needle Pitch: 6.5mm (3.9 gauge) /*13mm (2 gauge), 6.5mm Needle Spacing
  • Number of Needles: 150, metal
  • Dimensions: 1083 x 95 mm (1139mm with extension)
  • Weight: 4.7 kgs (10 lbs) - Packing 2 lbs extra
  • Made in China. Distributed and shipped from Canada.

Included in price:

  • English Instruction Book (available as in French by special request)
  • 2 Bed Rests
  • Warranty: Canada: 1 year on defects in materials. (physical damage to needles and plastic parts is not under warranty). Outside Canada: 30 days parts and labour.

Education: We recommend doing some research if machine knitting is intriguing to you. There are lots of online videos and Facebook groups for LK-150 machine knitting enthusiasts. Ravelry also has a machine knitting patterns. 

These are worth checking out:

  • An educational video about knitting machines and the similarities and differences to hand knitting done by Fruity Knitting where Andrea interviews Susan Guagliumi, an expert in machine knitting who also teaches classes on Craftsy.  We also like Creative Tien's youtube videos where she shows you how to set up an LK150 knitting machine, and make projects with the LK-150 knitting machine.
  • Susan Guagliumi is an expert on machine knitting, and has a website filled with videos, patterns, tips and techniques and links to workshops and classes.  You can find her here.   In this 6 minute youtube video Creative Tien shows you how to set up an LK150 knitting machine.
  • Once you have an LK-150 we highly recommend signing up for Susan Guagliumi's Craftsy Videos, so you can follow along step by step from set up of your machine thru trouble shooting, stitch manipulation, finishing and much, much more. Excellent instruction and well worth the investment!

    Shipping: these machines are carefully packaged in a long oversized box and require additional padding when shipping. We will ship them out with UPS or the postal service, depending on location. The actual cost could be more or less, depending on your location. Email or call us for a more accurate shipping quote. 

    Ordering: Are you interested in ordering an LK-150?  We are taking pre-orders right now so send an email to or call us at 780-477-9276 if you would like to be put on the waitlist.  

    Accessories - From time to time we order in some cool accessories for our LK-150 Knitting Machine group, and sell any extras we have brought in, through our website.  These prices include our cost for credit card fees, shipping, duty and taxes, as well as US dollar exchange to bring them to Edmonton. We have priced them at our cost plus 10%.  You can purchase and pick up at our shop or have it shipped out to you. Standard shipping rates apply.