Knitting Stories

Knitting Stories

Sylvia Olsen
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Ask Sylvia Olsen—author, knitter and expert on the world-famous Cowichan sweaters—whether there’s any more to be said about knitting, and her answer is a resounding “Yes! Of course, yes. Knitting stories are as varied as the things we knit and, like all good stories, they tell us about ourselves and what it means to be a human being. We will never grow tired of stories like that.”

In Knitting Stories, Sylvia’s storytelling talents are in full evidence as she shares her musings and insights about knitting, design, community, family and the creation of narratives from both wool and words. Full of delightful personal anecdotes, this collection of essays also reflects on the author’s knowledge of, and experience with, creating and marketing traditional Cowichan sweaters. She also describes her more recent forays into Salish fusion designs.

Knitters will love the gorgeous examples of Olsen’s work, stunningly photographed by Joshua Lawrence Studio.

Seven original patterns are included for items including a snuggly infinity scarf, bolero, sweater, skirt, toque, poncho and fingerless gloves. Readers can learn how Margaret Atwood came to own a pair of Sylvia’s gloves in the essay titled Am I Knitting Stories or Writing Sweaters? and then pick up needles and wool to make a pair by following the instructions provided.

These essays and knitting patterns are, by turn, inspiring, thought-provoking and entertaining. Like the knitted items themselves, the stories collected here are warm and reassuring—products of a generous spirit that are timeless, beautiful and perfect for sharing.