Hook Line & Tinker embroidery kits
Hook Line & Tinker embroidery kits: Sweater Weather
Hook Line & Tinker embroidery kits: Nest Egg
Hook Line & Tinker embroidery kits: Henny Penny
Hook Line & Tinker embroidery kits packaging
Hook Line & Tinker embroidery kits packaging
Hook Line & Tinker embroidery kits packaging

Hook Line & Tinker Embroidery Kits

Hook Line & Tinker
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Hook Line & Tinker - Modern embroidery for crafty folks.  Designer Laurie Ann Dolhan is a "thalassophile" (aka ocean lover) making a life by the sea in the beautiful community of Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia. Her love of the sea and of nature, comes alive in her modern graphic embroidery kits.  

Laurie is also passionate about the environment, social justice, and conscious consumerism, and gives us one more great reason to purchase these great DIY embroidery kits! Hook Line & Tinker donates 5% of profits to help women and children experiencing homelessness and donated $10,000 in 2020, most of which went directly to Adsum for Women and Children. Congrats Laurie!  

Check our our selection of Laurie's popular designs.  Which is your favourite? 

  • Sweater Weather - If sheep wore sweaters, they'd be cable knit ;) Sweater Weather combines the beauty of knitting with the art of embroidery. It's all about texture. You control the difficulty - keep it easy by using the most basic back stitch throughout, or ramp up the challenge with chain stitches, French knots, or more.
  • Bee Kind, Dandelion -  A weed? The first food for the bees. Edible roots, flowers and leaves. The much maligned dandelion is an eco and body-friendly powerhouse. This modern interpretation is ultra modern and first time, beginner friendly.
    • Henny Penny - Inspired by vintage glass and ceramic "chicken-on-a-nest" serving wear, Henny Penny is still a thoroughly modern chicken. Stitched entirely in a backstitch, this pattern is very first-time stitcher friendly. 

    Each Kit includes:

    • 15 cm (6”) bamboo embroidery hoop 
    • Pre-printed Pattern on unbleached cotton fabric
    • embroidery floss
    • embroidery needle
    • instructions and a stitch guide


    • Finished Hoop: 6” in diameter

    Your friends and family will undoubtedly be very impressed by your finished creation. Be prepared for adulation - and possibly a little envy too. (You deserve it!)