Holli Yeoh: Mending
Holli Yeoh: Mending
In this photo, Holli works to mend a sock where the stitches have worn down to a threadlike "skeleton". Holli demonstrates a way to reinforce and repair those thin, thin, stitches.
Holli Yeoh: Mending
This photo shows a mend taking place. A darning needle is holding two stitches to keep them from running down. You may feel a moment of panic but the mend underway will help you to feel calm again.
Holli Yeoh: Mending
Holli Yeoh

Holli Yeoh: Darn It! Mending Your Knits

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Mending and Repairing Holes

What it's About: Based on the time and resources we put into our knitting projects, handknits should be knit-for-life and sustainable; learn green skills to maintain your wardrobe so your handknits can become heritage pieces within your family or lovingly donated.

Join Holli Yeoh for a three-hour, hands-on repair class that explores various ways to repair holes in your knitting. You'll learn Swiss darning, stocking darning and how to knit a patch directly over a hole. The techniques are transferable to commercially made garments, as well. Holli will talk about other strategies to repair holes, as well as provide an overview of the pests that can cause damage.

The next session of this 3-hour class takes place on Saturday, June 18 starting at 12:00 pm PDT, 1:00 pm MDT, 2:00 pm CDT, 3:00 pm EDT, 4:00 pm ADT and 4:30 pm in NL.

Skill Level: Suitable for beginners and beyond.

Please Bring:

  • your homework swatch (instructions for swatch in a downloadable file included with your registration)
  • Some small amounts of yarn for repairs in the same weight as your swatch but not in the same colour. For this class, you want to be able to see your fixes!
  • Yarn needles: blunt tipped and a sharper needle. (Like the bent tip needles Holli uses? They come in fine (fingering weight yarns) and jumbo (medium weight yarns).
  • Two double-pointed needles in a size appropriate for the weight of yarn/swatch
  • crochet hook approximate size of knitting needles
  • locking stitch markers
  • small embroidery hoop, if you have one
  • rubber band
  • Knit items (hand or commercial knits) with holes or thin spots for a discussion on strategies for fixing them.

About Holli

Holli’s passion for knitting has spanned a lifetime, from learning to knit as a child to her fine arts degree majoring in textiles and jewellery, and a solid 18 years of design and teaching experience. Her work has appeared in industry leading publications including Vogue Knitting, Interweave Press, Amirisu and Twist Collective, as well as in her Ravelry shop and in her book Tempest, published in collaboration with Sweet Georgia Yarns. Check out Holli's designs for River City Yarns, we love her style!

Why Learn from Holli?
Holli feels strongly about fine craftsmanship, believing that while there’s more than one right way to do things, it’s important to do it right! To this end, she teaches skills that enable knitters to feel justified pride in their finished objects, while accommodating different knitting styles and preferences. Students leave her workshops with an arsenal of valuable techniques, deep understanding of the choices to be made in knitting, and new confidence. Her courses are well polished, solidly prepared and cater to students at every level.

Read these helpful tips before you register:

  • You have to pay the registration fee in advance to hold your seat. You can register online or call the store at 780-477-9276 to make a payment over the phone. 
  • As this is an online class, you will need to have Zoom downloaded on a computer, tablet or mobile device. If using a computer, make sure you also have a webcam and microphone built in or attached.
  • The class session(s) will be recorded and copies of all/segments of the class will be available for you to review for a limited time after the class session(s).
  • Refunds? If you cancel 14 days (or more) prior to your workshop date, we will transfer your registration fee to a RCY gift card at no charge or offer a refund less a 10% cancellation fee. The cost of any materials provided to you will be subtracted from any refunds/transfers.
  • No refunds will be made if you have to cancel less than 14 days before your class is scheduled to begin. If minimum enrolment is not met we reserve the right to cancel the class. A full refund of your registration fee will be given should this situation arise.

Questions, comments, concerns, suggestions? Please contact cynthia@rivercityyarns.com.

Photography by Holli Yeoh