A Louet Erica 12" Table Loom with a woven project in progress

Louet Erica 12" Table Loom

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The Louet Erica Table Loom is a 12″ (30cm) table loom that comes standard with 2 harnesses. If you’re comfortable weaving on a rigid heddle, this is the perfect ‘next step’! Rigid heddle (or newbie!) weavers will appreciate the ease of operating a 2-shaft loom, but will also delight in the increased possibilities and ease of operation over a rigid heddle loom.

The Erica comes with 200 heddles and a 40-10 (10 dent) reed. Heddle length for the Erica is 150mm.

Expand with up to 4 harnesses! The Erica accommodates up to 4 harnesses (2 are included, additional shafts available to order for $60.50 CAD each), meaning this sweet little loom has lots of room to handle more complex weaving patterns.

Whether you’re learning to weave, upgrading from a rigid heddle loom, or just looking for a fabulous little package that can work as your travel loom, Erica is for you!

Compact Weaving! The Erica easily folds so that you can take this loom with you when traveling or store away compactly when not in use (although we’re not sure when you won’t be using this gem!)

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