Denise cord single: 5 inch
Denise cord single: 12 inch
Denise cord single: 14 inch

Denise Cords Singles

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Single interchangeable cords sold with an end button.

These short cords are the perfect add on to Denise crochet hooks for those who want to try out Tunisian crochet or add to an interchangeable knitting needle set.

Please note, the 5 inch cord may be red or blue.

These cords are manufactured to be particular inch lengths. Here are the approximate metric conversion for each length:

5 inch is approx. 13 cm
9 inch is approx. 23cm
12 inch is approx. 30cm
14 inch is approx. 36cm
16 inch is approx. 41cm
19 inch is approx. 48cm