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If you've missed out on an event or learning session, we've got help for you. With permission from the presenter, we are able to give you access to the recording of a previously held session.

Saturday Seminar: "Trick up my Sleeve" with Fiona Ellis
Saturday, February 13, 2021

Sleeves are a complex part of a garment. They can add style and interest or dramatically change the overall silhouette. A sleeve has several different components each of which can be modified. Combining variations of these components with each other has led to a seemingly endless number of styles.

Fiona will begin with an illustrated journey through sleeve styles and design, looking at when and why various styles became popular or fell out of favour. But the journey doesn’t end there… we will move onto the basics of modifying a published sleeve pattern. This will be an invaluable tool to enable you to ensure a better fit for your specific project; how to lengthen or shorten a sleeve, or maybe even change its shape!

About Fiona

Fiona Ellis is a graduate of DeMontfort University (England) with a degree in fashion knitwear design. She has been designing professionally for over 25 years. Her designs are available in leading magazine publications on-line and at River City Yarns. She is the author of Inspired Cable Knits, Knitspiration Journal and Inspired Fair Isle Knits. You can find out what she is currently doing at Why take a class with Fiona? She's knowledgeable and talented but even more important, she's patient and kind. You'll learn so much from Fiona (just like Barb and Cynthia)!

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