ChiaoGoo Twist Mini 4" Lace Set

ChiaoGoo Twist Mini 4" Lace Set

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Now, ChiaoGoo has released their next generation Twist Mini set with 4" tip lengths!

Each set contains five sizes of steel needles from US 000 to US 1.5 with the size imprinted on each tip, three lengths of the same red, multi-strand steel cables plus all of the accessories that you'll need to knit fine-gauge projects! 

Besides the obvious, the new 4” tips are a little different from the first generation 5” Twist Minis. They are made of surgical-grade solid stainless steel which allowed ChiaoGoo to add a tightening hole near the threaded end of each tip. Knitters can now use a second tightening key (along with the one on the cable-side) and leverage them against each other to secure the threaded join.

The entire set comes in a compact, two-pocket, black mesh case that fits easily into your current ChiaoGoo Interchangeable case. Also included is a sleeve with labeled pockets to hold the Mini tips.
Needle tip sizes included:
  • Size US 000 [1.50mm]
  • Size US 00 [1.75mm]
  • Size US 0 [2.00mm]
  • Size US 1 [2.25mm]
  • Size US 1½ [2.50mm]

  • 2 x   8" cables (16" needle)
  • 1 x 14" cable  (22" needle)
  • 1 x 22" cable  (30" needle)

Other accessories included:
  • 2 x cable connectors
  • 2 x red end stoppers
  • 2 x T-shaped tightening keys
  • 6 x stitch markers
  • 1 x ruler / needle gauge
  • 1 x heart-shaped rubber gripper
  • 1 x Sleeve with labeled pockets for the needle tips
  • 1 x Compact 6.5" by 5" 2 pocket case to keep everything secure.

Please note: the Twist Mini tips, cables and accessories are NOT compatible with ChiaoGoo's Small and Large sized interchangeable parts.