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Building With Lace

Michelle Hunter
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Building With Lace is the third book from renowned knitter and teacher, Michelle Hunter.  All patterns are supported with Michelle's excellent, and free, online video instruction on her website here

Ready, Set, Learn!
Lace knitting - the art of making holes - on purpose. Building with Lace is a carefully designed sequence of patterns that introduce knitters to lace work starting with the basics and working towards more difficult patterns. Following the same format as Michelle’s earlier books, Building Blocks and Building in Color, Building with Lace is the long awaited addition to this popular educational series!

Lace Basics
From the Bolan Sweater, to the Asymmetrical Triangle shawl, we are knitting lots of lace projects this spring. If you have yet to fall in love with the art of lace, allow the book Building with Lace, by Michelle Hunter to give you the confidence to tackle your first lace project!

p.29 - The Stitch Key shows the symbol for the k3tog tbl backwards (right leaning). The symbol should lean to the left as seen in Rows 21, 29, 37, 45.
p.34 - The video referenced should be Central Double Increase not Central Double Decrease.
p.37 - In Row 9 of the chart, the symbol for SK2P is seen but it is missing from the stitch key.