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ARNE & CARLOS are the Scandinavian design duo that has captured the hearts and imaginations of knitters and crocheters around the world. Their creativity knows no bounds! Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison have written and published 9 books on knitting and crochet. Their knitwear designs draw both on traditional Scandinavian and on contemporary influences. We've gathered up as many of the available titles as we could. Don't miss out!

Favorite Designs: Across 15 years and 7 uniquely beautiful instructional books, ARNE & CARLOS have built their brand, from breakout phenomenon to reliable suppliers of creative inspiration. Now they've gathered the "best of the best"―70 of their favorite techniques and patterns, including balls, dolls, birds, slippers, sweaters, scarves, mittens, and more―in a sourcebook that has something for everyone. ARNE & CARLOS not only share their greatest hits in fresh and exciting ways, they also provide 15 brand-new projects, for 85 masterful designs in total. The book also includes step by step photographs and instructions for techniques such as sewing up, stuffing, and creating legs that will let your birds stand, perch or even cling to your finger! 

55 Christmas Balls To Knit: Inspired by traditional Norwegian knitwear, these designs for holiday ornaments integrate the old with the new. With crafts based on the authors' original designs, this guide gives knitters the chance to craft their very own versions of these playful decorations. Each pattern can easily be adapted to hats, mittens, or even sweaters by the extra creative crafter. 

Field Guide to Knitted Birds: Let ARNE & CARLOS guide you on a journey into the colorful and imaginative bird kingdom! Inspired by nature both at home and abroad-from their garden in Tonsasen come the characteristic bullfinch, chickadee, and wagtail, to name a few, but the fun doesn't stop there. Knit cold-weather birds with Norwegian traditional patterns, and keep them warm with bird-sized wool caps and scarves; make brilliant birds-of-paradise decorated with embroidery, sequins, and feathers; or spread your wingsa little further with birds featuring vintage Mexican embroidery motifs. These delightful birds can be used as decorations year-round, but they may tend to migrate towards the Christmas tree when the time approaches. With clear instructions, helpful diagrams, and full-color photographs, it's time for every knitter's imagination to take flight.

30 Slippers To Knit: At last—slippers the ARNE & CARLOS way! From classic Norwegian motifs and Sami-inspired designs to vivid flowers and playful rabbits. With step-by-step instructions, delightful photographs, and that ARNE & CARLOS charm, these cozy felted patterns are guaranteed to make your toes curl. With dozens of designs, three different sizes, cuffs to keep your ankles warm or clogs to slide on easily, and your choice of pompoms, fringes, and edgings, there's sure to be something here to suit any pair of feet.