ADDI Flipstix DPN
ADDI Flipstix DPN

ADDI Flipstix DPN

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Addi Flip Stix Double Pointed Needles

Fabricated from high-grade aluminum, these colorful ultra-lightweight wonders feature dual tips (each needle features both a Turbo tip and a Lace tip for added flexibility of use). A revolutionary design, FlipStix™ are available in 6” (all sizes), 8” (US 0, 2.25mm, 1, 2.75mm, 2,3,4,5,6,7, and 8), and 9" (US 9,10,10.75, and 11) lengths.

Please note, if a size and length shows up as "unavailable" it means that the configuration doesn't exist. Because our system lets you check every mm size against all lengths, there are some combinations that will show up, but "unavailable" means that the combo of mm size and length does not exist. "Sold Out" means that the combination exists and we are waiting on back stock to arrive.