Lace Darning Needle Set
Clover Darning Needle Set Bent Tip
Clover Darning Needle Set Straight Tip
Clover Darning Needle Set Bent Tip Jumbo

Clover Darning Needle Set

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Clover Darning needles with an easy and convenient carrying case with a screw on cap.

Lace / Lace Darning Needle Set:
Needle sizes: No. 20, No. 22 (bent tip), No. 24. Three needles total. Purple case.

Bent Tip Fine / Darning Needle Set (Bent Tip):

Contains 2 x no.15 needles (bent tip) and 1 x no.17 needle (bent tip). Three needles total. Orange case.

Straight Tip / Darning Needle Clover:

Contains one of each of the following sizes: No. 13, No. 17, No. 20. Three needles total. Green case.

Bent Tip Jumbo / Jumbo Darning Needle Set:

Contains two needles size 2.5 x 70 mm (bent tip). Two needles total. Blue case.