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Rowan Kids Knit

Free! Kids Learn-to-Knit Online

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We wanted to let you know about this great opportunity for the kid in your life to learn how to knit. Please note that there is no requirement to put this class in your shopping cart at RCY. The class is available, online, through Rowan.  Visit the Learn at Rowan sign up page to register. If you'd like to purchase your supplies through us, check the materials list below.

Free! Kids Learn to Knit Online

Thousands of children have already signed up for Rowan's popular online Kids Knit course and are enjoying getting creative with wool!

Now is the perfect time for children to learn to knit. It's the ideal activity to relax with during the summer holidays, and with limited outings and social distancing rules in place, a creative outlet is just what they need. It's online, which is where most learning continues to be done at the moment and it is free with easy step-by-step instructions. Knitting helps children to learn maths, spacial recognition and mindfulness, and boosts their creativity and confidence, all while working at their own pace.

What kids can learn:

In the 5-part course they'll learn:

  • How to cast on, knit, and cast off
  • Tips for success
  • How to make 3 quick, fun projects
  • We've included a simple striped cowl for when they've mastered the basics

Once they've mastered the basics, they're ready to try the new bonus class: Learn to Purl.

The course is recommended for ages 7+. Join the thousands who have already signed up and help Rowan to achieve the target of teaching 10k kids to knit!

Visit the Learn at Rowan sign up page to register.

Materials required:

All your child needs is a ball of wool and some needles (we recommend Rowan Big Wool and a pair of size 10:00mm/US15), a tapestry needle, craft scissors and basic crafting supplies.

Visit the Learn at Rowan sign up page to register.

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