ADDI Bamboo Circulars

ADDI Bamboo Circulars

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addi® Natura Bamboo Circular Needles offer Turbo-shaped points in the finest bamboo available, a smooth as silk finish, and a flexible cable. With a brass join between the needle tip and cable, your project will transition seamlessly row after row. These are the natural and lightweight needles to love!

addi® Natura Bamboo Circular Needles are available in a variety of sizes and lengths to suit any project. Per industry standard, all circular knitting needles are measured from tip to tip. For example, a 80 cm circular needle is 80 cm from one needle tip to the other. Sizes are listed in metric for your convenience. 

addi® circular needles are also available in  are addi® Lace (brass finish with pointed "lace" tip), addi® Rockets (lace tip, slick Turbo® finish), and addi® Rockets² [squared] (textured and squared)! Need more than one needle size? Consider the addi® Click Bamboo Set.

Here is a short video demonstrating Addi knitting needles for knitting in the round.